Duterte to make fertilizer out of executed drug pushers’ bodies


Manila, Philippines – Tough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte commented in an interview yesterday regarding plans on what to do with the bodies of drug lords and drug pushers who have been executed for their crimes: he will sell them to fertilizer companies, grind the bodies to be mixed with compost to serve as fertilizer on government grounds and parks. Duterte said that these criminals deserve to meet that fate even in death, as notice to others who are involved in the drug trade. ┬áThis is a message to everyone that he is serious in stamping out crime — especially the drug … Continue reading

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Aquino Orders the Release of Janet Napoles from Prison

napoles-de lima

In a shocking development, the Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ), under orders from Malacanang, today released Janet Lim-Napoles, the suspected mastermind of the controversial pork barrel scam from prison. The DOJ cited the government’s inability to pay for the cost of her incarceration, and lack of evidence as reasons for Napoles’ untimely release. DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima said that the government can no longer sustain Napoles’ incarceration due to lack of funding, lack of evidence, and Napoles’ refusal to incriminate the members of congress whom she had allegedly sent millions in kick backs to. De Lima said that the … Continue reading

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