Man, Allegedly Raped by Vhong Navarro, Comes Forward


Only several days after beauty contestant Roxanne Acosta Cabanero filed rape charges against ABS-CBN actor-comedian Vhong Navarro, a new rape allegation has surfaced, this time from a man.

The man, identified as Dennis Cornelo Nahalay came to DZBB last night and asked to go on air during a live broadcast and began his recount of the ordeal he faced three years ago, allegedly in the ‘hands’ of Navarro.

Nahalay said that he is a fan of the ABS-CBN show, “It’s Showtime” and it was during one of his visits to the show that Navarro — one of the show’s hosts — asked for his phone number through one of the show’s production assistants.

Nahalay said that he was flattered because he never had anyone from the same sex interested  in him, let alone a famous personality like Vhong Navarro.

From then on, Nahalay claimed that he started receiving text messages from Navarro, which became incessant invitations to meet up, for what Navarro referred to as an ‘appointment’.

Nahalay said that after months of receiving Navarro’s messages, he started having dreams of Navarro, and it was in one of these dreams that the alleged rape took place.

Diyos ko, na violate akesh. Aminin ko, feelanga ko siya, chopopo — pero neuro, ka-shokot! Buya, dahil nagsakit ang aking uranus,” said Nahalay.  (Oh my God, I felt violated. I admit, I have a crush on him, he’s good looking — but it’s mind-boggling, terrifying! Embarrassing, because my butt hurts.)

Nahalay also said that he lived in Cebu City when the alleged rape happened.

While shocked beyond disbelief, the DZBB radio talk show host asked Nahalay how it is possible that rape can happen in his dream and in Cebu, which is hundreds of kilometers from where Navarro lives. Nahalay said that he was inspired by the recent rape allegation made by Roxanne Cabanero against Navarro, that her story gave him the courage to come forward.

Nahalay also added that Cabanero’s now-famous allegation of ‘remote rape’ on her complaint made his own ‘remote rape’ dream complaint plausible.  Therefore he is going to file charges in court against Navarro, as soon as he is able to find an attorney to handle his case.

When asked about this latest allegation, Vhong Navarro admitted that he did send those text messages but also said that he never intended any malice.  He said that a friend told him that Nahalay was an excellent hair stylist, and when he spotted him in the studio, he did not waste time asking for his phone number, this was the reason for his appointment requests – to get a haircut.



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    “Diyos ko, na violate akesh. Aminin ko feelanga ko siya, chopopo — pero neuro, ka-shokot! Buya, nagsakit ang aking uranus,” said Nahalay. Please translate in layman’s term…hahaha… Katawa tawa naman na ang pa-iba ibang statements nila Deniece. Until now wala pa din silang naipapakitang proof!

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