Mayweather Finally Admits He is Scared of Pacquiao

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Undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. revealed during a recorded TV interview that he has always avoided a match up with top contender Manny Pacquiao, citing his fear of losing his undefeated status, specially now that he is gearing towards retirement from the ring in a few years.

During a recorded interview with KKBOX Sports TV in Memphis, Mayweather said that a defeat from Pacquiao would erase everything he had worked for — starting from his early years as a young olympic boxer — to the recent fights where he has earned hefty purses.

“I have been lucky to have reached this point in my career, and undefeated,” said Mayweather. “Losing all of that to someone who is in desperate mode right now is a scary thing”, he adds, alluding to the recent troubles Pacquiao has recently been going through with the Internal Revenue Service, and the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Mayweather however did not close the door on a possible matchup with the Filipino fighter. He said that he we will decide in the next few months, that is, if he changes his mind. However, if ever that happens, there needs to be certain conditions Pacquiao’s camp and promoters need to address for the potential biggest fight in history.

Mayweather said that first and foremost, Pacquiao has to sever ties with his current promoter, Bob Arum. Second, during the fight, Pacquiao must wear trunks in the color he chooses, “pink would be a good one,” Mayweather said, and third, he will not pay for the rights to have ring announcer Michael Buffer say the copyrighted phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”. Mayweather said that he wants it changed to “Lets get ready to mambo!”.

Boxing afficionados worldwide have been yearning for a Mayweather-Pacquiao mega fight for years. If such a deal can be reached between the two fighters, earnings from such an event could reach in the hundreds of millions in dollars and could go into the annals of boxing as the biggest fight in history.

Pacquiao’s camp has yet to comment on this recent development.

  • thai pinay

    hahahhahah…Mayweather really is scared!

  • Albert Cibrian

    Next he’ll admit he is gay.

  • palaboi

    This is not satire. This is the truth! 🙂

  • Guest

    at least he’s got balls of a chicken to admit he really, really scared of Pacquiao.

  • ramon manuel

    He gets aroused to the site of Pink color….Let it go…admit it, It will make you feel Free and Better….Mr. Meyweeether….

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