Philippine General says Invasion of Hong Kong can be Successful

rubber boats

A high-ranking general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines today said that an invasion of Hong Kong, if so ordered by the President, can be successful given the current equipment the Philippines has.

The military official spoke to Eritas Times today, under condition of anonymity, during a courtesy call at the Philippine Military’s General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The unnamed General said that the Philippines is capable of launching a surprise attack on Hong Kong since it is only a few hundred miles away, and can be executed in a such a way that personnel are not detected until the moment of attack, achieving complete surprise.

The General said that the Philippines has thousands of rubber and pump boats at its disposal, and can be deployed in fairly short notice. He also said that Philippine soldiers are trained well on the use of these boats for modern warfare since it has been the primary mode of sea transport used by the military in its campaign against insurgent elements in the southern provinces.

“The morale is high, and Philippine soldiers are ready,” the General said.

At the lower ranks, Col. Pacifico Palayfay, commander of the 306th Marine “Fighting Boatmen” Division said that his men are ready for any challenge given to them by the President.

“We have been training with the aid of scenes from the US Navy SEALs movie ‘Act of Valor’ and the recent ‘Lone Survivor’ to get some tips and pointers on survival and attack tactics,” Palayfay said.   “Just give us a mission and we will accomplish it,” he added.

According to a leaked report from J4 (Logistics),  Eritas Times has learned that the  inventory of rubber and  pump boats were close to 10,000 units in October of 2013.  However, after super typhoon Yolanda hit the southern part of the Philippines, this number has decreased to a mere 600 vessels.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, when asked about the statements made by the general, would not comment saying it was the first time he heard of such a claim, and he would like to look into the matter first before commenting.

  • Dig Bick

    I dunno if this is serious or something for lol’s but please stop spreading these kinds of false news about my country.

    • Vm

      most likely this is a satire news site. Look at the name “Col. Pacifico Palayfay”
      and the fact that he claims that SEAL movies and reality shows are valid
      educational material for soldiers


        Oh you think???

        I’m being sarcastic 😛

    • petervandever

      © 2014-2070 Eritas Times, is a satirical publication based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

    • Jared

      Dude, read the name of this site in reverse. If you still don’t get what I’m hinting at read slower until you do.

      And have a google search ready for finding definitions of words just in case.

  • Vm

    this is a satire news site. Look at the name “Col. Pacifico Palayfay” and the fact that he claims that SEAL movies and reality shows are valid educational material for soldiers

  • Albert Cibrian

    I love invasions. It will definitely help improve the Chinese race with interracial sex and procreation.

  • disqus_QPbG1VUHjB

    Of course, the claimer is a general and I am simply a civilian,but I believe the General is too overwhelmed and the statement is quite irresponsible and uncalled for. Why in heaven’s name should the Philippines invade Hongkong and not first try to solve the insurgency problem in Mindanao? With Senior Officers such as these in our military,it is no wonder our armed forces cannot move on.

    • mark_kahon

      dont believe in what you read in the internet. of course this is not true.

  • Bugztronic Cellular

    WTF. Col. Pacifico Palayfay? I THINK NOT, because this is only fabricated story and the name palayfay is made in china….there brain are too small than an ant. imagine they plan for invasion and yet they cannot solved the problem in spratlys island and in mindanao…if you are true colonel and not a gay, then show us that you are capable….


      It’s a SATIRE…People. SATIRE!!!!! Google the meaning of SATIRE.

      S A T I R E – how does it sound like if spelled backwards? E R I T A S??? Hence this blog is called “ERITAS times”.

  • dick tan

    leaders are supposed to be an example to human race…………….love the people,love the mother earth stop anything that will harm us all.”HAVE PEACE ON EARTH SO THAT WE CAN LIVE A WONDERFUL LIFE”

  • Guest

    If indeed invasion is a plan is therefore CLASSIFIED and not in the social media.

  • altadim17

    If there is indeed a plan to invade, then it should be CLASSIFIED and not discussed in the social media. For what, for the enemies to be prepared? Common Sense.


      Of which your common sense should dictate – this article is ridiculous enough to be TRUE. It’s a SATIRE. Please understand the meaning of Satire. This is very sad that you guys can’t recognize a satire when you see one. It’s a joke with a purpose. The purpose is for OUR government to understand that we can’t only invade Hong Kong, we can’t even defend our own country. That’s simply the point. We can’t defend our own country because all our defense system are junk and obsolete/archaic.

      • altadim17

        ERITAS is indeed SATIRE. A SATIRICAL BLOG. With our obsolete defense and still flying the WW II vintage TORA – TORA , I don’t know what kind of General is he? If we wage war AGAINST any country in the region our soldiers would be reduced to mere Boy Scouts. The insurgents are using AK 47S while our Armed Forces are chop chop Armalites. Imagine a war against any country? Thanks to our Generals with MILLIONS in the BANKS.

    • Guest

      ERITAS is in deed SATIRE.

  • jan marq

    who would believe that such statement exist?


      Because it doesn’t. That is the POINT!

  • kenshin himura

    pure fabrication…. at least it was tagged as a satire. but still, this is black propaganda against our country by whoever made this…..

  • Jun Santiago

    Guys, malamang China ang may pakana nito!..propaganda ng China to,,putting the phil in greedy image…wag kayo maniniwala dito…saka un pacifico palayfay…pangalan ni dolphy sa isang pelikula yan!! KALOKOHAN ITO!!!

    • Pinoy Monkey Pride

      Chinese propaganda agad? haha. Most likely filipino yung author nito bro, madami na rin kasi ph satire blogs eh. Paniwala naman agad mga kababayan natin. lol


        The BEST Ph Satire Blog there is 🙂 I love Eritas Times 🙂

  • dOriginalSigbin

    nice one!.. matamaan sana ang dapat matamaan!!

  • lmao

    wow sana marealize ng karamihan dito na satirical news ito. think before you post. lol

  • Uchiha Itachi

    It’s true…show them no mercy …. kaso lang mabait talaga ang pilipino ngayon … pasalamat ang china , di gaano aggresibo ang pilipino ngayun,,kung hindi mahirap nah….3:) 3:) 3:) 3:)

    • Pinoy Monkey Pride


  • Erythrocyte Afs

    Teng ene maganda sana kng totoo pero hindi eh. Palayfay?! Act of Valor?! Mag Isip nmn kau

  • I really hope the admin would consider taking off this article. Given the mentality of people these days, this satirical (yet personally unfunny) article might actually lead the governments of the two countries to declare war on each other, especially if people misinterpret what is being written.

  • Nixon

    I urged that whoever is the Editor and owner of this site should take down this irresponsible article. The article is malicious, full of un-truths. This article is the worst level of journalism I have came to know. . .

  • shine bastard

    stupid general haha

  • Pinoy Monkey Pride


  • Jimmy Morcilla

    chinese editor made this and reversing the situation Filipino are not like and very far to the greedy attitude of greed china


      Dude, this is a satire against Philippine government 🙁 It’s not to be taken seriously. Learn how to read “context” – don’t be too literal.

  • joelginelza

    so funny.. hahhahaha (muntik na akong mahulog sa upuan ko kakatawa 😀 ) .. wala na ba talagang article na mas may sense pa silang naisip ? 😀 …


    General Falayfay

    ha ha a a ha aah aaha a ahahaa a a a ahha aha ha ha aaha hah

  • tan_shingwa

    kung yun Crookodiles sa Senado di nyo kaya pasukuin, HK pa kaya..

  • John Layson Jr.

    stupid article and writer i mean it!


      It seems you are stupid enough to NOT recognize a SATIRE when you read one. Learn how to read a satire. Learn to see context, not just words.

      • John Layson Jr.

        you are the one who is stupid! you cant even show your identity. stop hiding and before commenting your opinion learn to analyse the situation not just the article itself. do you know what effects can this bring to the current tension between china and ph? speak up!

  • ron rey

    ok lang yan article na yan kasi ganyan din naman style ng CHINA eh…

  • danny

    very hilarious news lol!

  • aries

    I think this just a computer game hahahaha!!!!!

  • aries

    Pump boats only hahaha!!!!

  • aries

    More impossible news to come!!!!!! lol

  • Bush

    Pacifico Palayfay Ito yung character n ginampanan ni King of Comedy s mgapalabas niya ah..

  • Genesis Centeno

    Hahaha this article made my day, but the comments section is even more hilarious,thanks dumb ass’!!

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