TV-Host Willie Revillame Returns to ABS-CBN


ABS-CBN today announced that controversial TV host Willie Revillame is coming back to ABS-CBN to host a noontime show that will either take over “It’s Showtime”‘s time slot or the slot immediately after the popular show on Channel 2.

ABS-CBN said that their management and Revillame have reached an amicable agreement and have basically ‘buried the hatchet’, referring to the well-publicized rift that happened between the company and the TV host several years back.

Revillame’s new show, “Na WiWillie Na” will be based on previous shows hosted by Revillame, but will only include successful parts from these shows during his stint on ABS-CBN and the other network, TV5. This will include the popular children’s erotic dancing contest Revillame popularized on TV5, where children contestants are encouraged to dance erotic-themed numbers as the audience eggs them on, and scores the contestants according to how well they perform their gyrations.

The show will also feature co-hosts that have been rumored to have ended their contracts with Revillame in a not-so-amicable fashion. This includes Valerie Concepcion, Janelle Jamer, Roxanne Guinoo and Ethel Booba.

During a press conference at a restaurant on Timog Ave, Revillame said that he wanted the new show to mimic his previous show on ABS-CBN, Wowowee.

“Ngayong babalik ako sa ABS-CBN, pareho ng ‘Wowowee’ pa rin ang gusto kong gawin kasi ‘yang ‘Wowowee’ na yan, iyan ang nagbigay sa akin ng lahat ng ito,” said the former Channel 2 host, referring his last successful noontime show on the ABS-CBN network. (Now that I’m going to return to ABS-CBN, I still would love to do something similar to ‘Wowowee’, because it was ‘Wowowee’ who gave all these things.)

ABS-CBN did not comment during the press conference, however, an ABS-CBN advertising manager was heard after the conference that the bulk of the challenge will be acquiring sponsors, as most of their largest advertisers so far have not returned any of their calls, and weren’t too enthused with Revillame’s return.

“Excited na excited na ako magsimula sa bago kong show, ‘Nawiwillie’. Marami na naman akong mahihirap na matutulungan.” Revillame said before driving off in his red Ferrari.

  • Albert Cibrian

    ABS-CBN will always sell the same crap in many forms of packaging. Too bad for the audience who have to live with all these crap in the name of entertainment.

    • Charlie

      Dude, this isn’t real news.

  • Kian Catbagan

    Wow goodnews…im coming back to abs cbn again…i love willie

  • J Ann

    I didn’t like it. Showtime is doing good anyway, why should be pulled out from the timeslot? People are used to be seeing Vice, Anne, Billy and the rest of the gang to cheer our noontime siesta…If Willie will be in abs-cbn again, we he should be the one to adjust to another time slot and if he is really good to cheering and entertaining people, well any time slot will work for him…we poor Filipinos who are not that used to going in a comedy bars and club, showtime is our only way of experiencing how it is to be in a comedy bar….we love Vice and the gang in their way of entertaining…after all it is not the games and prizes that market showtime but plain fun, enjoyment and interactive show…it also helps us to forget problems too by laughing at their jokes….

  • Khevin Gonzales

    I just read a statement from dj coki, said that no other updates if kuya wil be back on tv. No announcement had been released now. Im hera at philippines but his network he broadcast his show, tv5 manila had no news about if kuya wil will be back on tv. I think this article is not reliable. Im sorry.

    • Albert Cabahag

      Hahaha… I’m not sure if you do or still don’t get it, this website is a satire e-newspaper, meaning everything here is distorted to be funny, thus the name. How clueless people can be?!!

  • wendel

    sabi ng abs d na daw cya pababalikin at ayaw na pumayag ang mga ceo ng ng abs mukang ngaun naman gustong gusto bumalik ni willie sa abs bakit d nalang cya lumuhod baka pag bigyan pa xD

  • Dolly Diaz

    guys sorry but ang showtime boring na boring na sorry….huhuhu…nag eat bulaga na nga ako…and if wowillie returns ill go back to noon time show in abs cbn…

  • Dolly Diaz

    I know Vice ganda is very good but Im bored already with the others

  • ces

    This is what happens to people who cant stand on his own words, who have so much pride, and very boastful… then, will end up returning home.. there’s no problem with that. Actually, his really funny and all but his head just became bigger and bigger all of a sudden. Which there was a point he said a lot of bad things about the network. blah blah blah.. just be nice and be humble. That will be more like it!

  • flewen

    maniwala kayo dito..spoof writing nga

  • altadim17

    is it?

  • altadim17

    I could not care less as I only switch to Channel 2 on their noontime show for Stars on 45. It reminds me of Tawag Ng Tanghalan before where Pilita, Nora Aunor etc came from. Foreignoys / Foreignays of Eat Bulaga really makes sense. It fosters Philippine friendship with other and among nations.

  • Adobo Masarap

    Hahaha The comments for the acticles are the funniest part of this site! Haha the best!! Think while you read. 🙂

  • jjgrlh0318

    Wtf? Really? You put children on the show and make them dance like they are strippers?! What kind of country permits that? Clearly the Philippine entertainment industry have such primitive minds! This is stupid, immoral, and the so called host is a major asshole! This douchebag of a host should’ve been put to jail a long time ago! The Philippine government is way to easy to be convinced with money!

  • Khevin Gonzales

    A news from News5 Philippines, particularly in afternoon program on radyo singko 92.3newsfm manila. In radio program called “Cristy Ferminute” anchored by Cristy Fermin and richard pinlac, they’ve discussed the humors that kua willie wil be coming back. It is not yet confirmed but some staffs, specially the cameramens of wowowillie
    Is seen in their program (radyo singko programs airs on tv via aksyontv ch.41 manila). They said there is a big chance of his comeback but not yet officially confirmed when and where tv networks, but there is a big chance he will be back. News i posted is last may 7, 2014 5pm Philippine time.

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