Aquino Orders the Release of Janet Napoles from Prison

napoles-de lima

In a shocking development, the Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ), under orders from Malacanang, today released Janet Lim-Napoles, the suspected mastermind of the controversial pork barrel scam from prison. The DOJ cited the government’s inability to pay for the cost of her incarceration, and lack of evidence as reasons for Napoles’ untimely release.

DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima said that the government can no longer sustain Napoles’ incarceration due to lack of funding, lack of evidence, and Napoles’ refusal to incriminate the members of congress whom she had allegedly sent millions in kick backs to.

De Lima said that the government has done as much as it can within its powers to get Napoles to confess her alleged involvement in the scandal, but it had failed to gain credible evidence and failed to get Napoles to pin the senators and other members of congress to the allegations set forth by the whistle-blowers. They have tried everything in the book, and went as far as piping in depressing music — looped to play 24 hrs a day for two weeks — into Napoles’ cell.

“Sinubukan na namin lahat, kahit magpatugtog ng depressing music, para lang ma coerce siya to tell all,” De Lima said. “But that didn’t work either,” she adds.

When asked what songs they played, De Lima said that they downloaded MP3 copies of the songs “Sandra” by Barry Manilow,Β and the 1971 hit “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby” by Vilma Santos. They loaded them into an MP3 player and had the songs played in a continuous loop, 24 hours a day in Napoles’ prison cell for two weeks straight.

According to De Lima however, instead of driving Napoles into a confession, the songs appeared to have a positive effect on her, even to the point where it raised her spirits. Indeed, surveillance videos show Napoles dancing to the beat of Β “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby” after a week, making the strategy a miserable failure.

Janet Lim-Napoles voluntarily surrendered to president Aquino several months over a year ago, after she was bared as the alleged mastermind by several whistle-blowers, lead by her former employee Ben Hur Luy, of a kick back scheme with some members of congress. The illegal setup entailed funneling millions of pesos intended for development projects at the lawmakers’ congressional districts, into the private pockets of the lawmakers who were involved.

Napoles is now in an undisclosed location. However, rumor has it that she is applying to immigrate to China to work for the Chinese government, financing projects for communications company ZTE, and handling finances for other government officials.

Her attorney has yet to make a statement as of this writing.

  • Tyrishdwin Irish

    only in the philippines so sad……….

    • Duppy Conqueror


  • Grinn Valesti

    so sad indeed…

    • Duppy Conqueror

      So sad indeed na may mga fool pa rin na tulad mo.

  • Abu Mario

    April Fool’s!

    • Delbert V. Aldea


      abriles tontos !

  • Rosner Flores


  • Marlyn Sumugat

    wow,…….ang tibay!!!!!!!!!!! nandyan si god na mag husga! babalik din yan sa alikabok…….

    • Duppy Conqueror

      Ang tibay mo din. Hahaha. Naninawala ka dito?!

  • Kyno Tia Garcia

    Basahin nyu ung buong article bago mag comment lol

  • Gilboy

    Seriously people why you believe in this hoax? Your better than that… Check the headlines it’s for fun blog/news. And confirm it with other news worthy sites before you believe what is written.

    • Jude Natividad O’Connor

      April Fools Day, nadali k, LOL

  • Juan dela Cruz , Sr.

    Moro moro ang justice system ng Pinas… Circus show. Ginagago ang taong bayan.

    • Adrian Garcia

      Biktima ka, April 1 ngayon.

    • Adobo Masarap

      Hahahah kasi d nag iisip. Bass LNG ng basa

  • jooo

    True yung sinabi nung katulong ni Napoles before na she will be released later

    • Duppy Conqueror

      Ikaw ba yung katulong nya? Hahaha

      • jooo

        Yes, di nga nila alam na nakakapag FB ako sa safehouse..hehehe

  • Migz

    Posted by JOKER AMINADO!

  • August C. Fernando


  • Jonathan Paton-og Mahinay

    ahaha, seriously ? nkktwa nman tong mga to, sineryoso nga nila, nyahahaha!!! ERITAS nga eh, ahahah!!!

    w8, bili lng ako popcorn, pra akong nanonood ng sine sa mga comments eh.

  • al len

    April fools day!!! Goodness, I almost fall for this one

  • thenewpulahan

    HA ha ha, Look Dick look ha ha ha

  • f*ckArabs

    Tangina nadale ako ng articles na toh! bwesett!! πŸ™

  • Jolly Exequiel

    Very Funny… Nice! Have a good laugh people… It’s April Fool’s Day…
    Recommending to read other links… they’re certainly makes you laugh as well πŸ™‚

  • mepinoy

    this news is so depressing to think na bumalik na sana ang tiwala ng mga tao sa gobyerno mauuwi lang sa ganito after all the efforts of those whistle blowers at mga taong umaasa pa na talagang DAANG MATUWID ang tinatahak ng Pilipinas sa pamumuno ni PNoy QUO VADIS PHILIPPINES

    • Duppy Conqueror


      • Jane

        Grabe naman maka fool.

        • Jyego Silang

          Dapat kasi, YOU FELL FOR THIS?! APRIL’S!

    • Roland Maguigad

      Uto uto k pala.. Magicp bago pumutak sayang ang energy

  • Josephine Macuha

    the gov’t. cannot faulted it is the people who had given up the fight I think. they chose to give their attention to other matters!!!!

  • Josephine Macuha

    ha ha ha. april fools!!!!

    • Duppy Conqueror

      Next time, magbasa po muna kayo bago mag-comment. Happy April Fools. Haha

  • Ashley

    wahahahaha.. muntik na rin aq maniwala…natuwa ako dun sa “dancing to the beat of Bobby, Bobby, Bobby”.. nice one :D.. mapakinggan nga ung song later, baka mapasayaw din aq πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Alagadngkatarungan

    Ganyan nba tayo ka-westernize na we even celebrate April Fool’s Day? πŸ™

    • Jyego Silang

      PUEDE RIN EVERYDAY FOOLS, kung gusto mo!

  • joanna0307

    magaling.. tsk tsk.. AFD

  • Adobo Masarap

    Nakakatawa yung article pero mas nakakatawa yung mga comments. The best kayu guys!! Think while you read! SATIRE – ERITAS nga eh. πŸ™‚

  • Romeo Delgado

    After findings by ombudsman of probable cause for plunder, Napoles is being released by PNoy upon his order? APRIL FOOL’S today.


    ngek hahaha

  • June T. Buendia

    Funny! Napoles, Enrile, Jingoy and Bong are now charged at the Ombudsman because of the merit of the case. Napoles is behind bars not because of PDAF but because of illegal detention which was filed by Benhur Luy.

  • Jonas Francisco Abendan

    my immediate reaction: searched the songs sandra, look dick look and bobby bobby bobby on youtube. nadali ako ah…

  • Virginia Mercadal Golden

    ganyan ba ka lambot ang DOJ basta may connection sa presidente?

  • Desidius

    Satire is supposed to be funny. Satire fail, try again

  • No Name

    Try waterboarding … she will wipe that smirk right off her face…

  • Nastee Roger Jr.

    Di na nga DOJ Sec si De Lima
    April April

  • germisison

    I hate saying bad words even if I am into a fit of anger but I cannot find any good word to express my shocking anger in this April fools day.

  • nujgnopalas

    is this a hoax.if true no valid reason what they should have done is to put her in a regular jail with regular criminals period.

  • Joseph Price

    They should have played Justin Bieber music….She would have confessed to being Satan’s daughter after 2 weeks of listening to that crap.

  • Kelvin James Montemayor Arizo


  • Gerald Palada San Jose

    April fools, mga bobo.

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  • Valeriano Mamac Embodo Jr.

    Para sa akin yata itong article na ito.

  • Kumag

    aba maligaya ang mga kapartido buhay na buhay

  • Kumag

    kaya pakawalan si napoles pra hindi mkapag witness sa mga cong. at sen. na kapartido ni noynoy

  • Kumag

    hahahaha..oo nga pala ….. pero paano kug totoo?

  • Perbie Ocampo Tan

    Totoo ba to wow naman aqouno ikaw na talaga ang pinaka walang kwentang tao sa mondo

    • mapolocsillop

      sa pagpapalaya ni PINOY kay JANET NAPOLES ito ay isang sampal sa ating HUDIKATURA, una nag file ang DOJ ng kaso kay NAPOLES ng PLUNDER ewan ko kung bakit PLUNDER na hindi naman government employee yan ok ipag palagay natin na may kaso sinala ng OMBUDSMAN dahil may probable cause O prima facie evidence kaya tuloy ang kaso, gumulong na, hinuli sina ENRILE, REVILLA, ESTRADA,yon bang piling-pili ang mga huhulihn pero kaalyado niya walang hinuli maliban doon sa parang di na niya gusto.AT NGAYON MALALAMAN NATIN PINALAYA NA LANG NG BASTA-BASTA sa tingin ko ang ating saligang BATAS ay nawalan ng SAY-SAY o DUE PROCESS ba e kamo. at ito ay PLANO ni PINOY sa mga taong kokontra sa kanya bakit? ang basihan ko dyan ay yong si NAPOLES AY BOLUNTARYONG SUMUKO KAY PINOY sa makatuwid doon nagsilmula ang scripted na estorya ng PORK BARREL SCAM (dapat dyan kasama si PINOY kasi may PDAP din siya) kasama sa plano si BENHUR LUY di ang galing ng mga hinayupak pwedeng pang FAMAS ( first time in the Philippines).

  • Alvin F

    Who ever done this if this is a joke… its a very bad joke… very sensitive issue, no filipino can take this as a joke… please be responsible and sensitive enough to take this as a joke… specially if you’re a filipino…

  • Milagros Pedragosa Palisoc


    • mapolocsillop

      anong panot na bobo lang BAKLA pa e kamo, sa mamasapano nga siya yong primary guilty kasi presidente siya at hindi ordinaryong operasyon yon at BAKIT NIYA IPINAGKATIWALA NI PURISIMA ANG LAHAT KUNG DI BA NAMAN SAKSAKAN NG TANGA PAGKATAPOS YONG MGA LOW RANKING OFFICIAL ANG TATAMAAN,SAMAKATUWID HUGAS KAMAY, PERO WALA NA PATAY NA ANG SAF 44

  • Alfonso Camiwet

    Waiting for the day she also spells the names of smaller amounts including NGOs

  • wilbert agonias


  • Job Duyao

    Huh? Sa billion billion na nadekwat nya sa kaban ng gobyerno napalaya si naples? Eh bakit di pinalaya si sen revilla at sen estrada? Nako naman abnoy. Me utak ka pa ba? King sabagay sa bobo mung yan eh mahirap ka nga magisip. BWISIT……

  • al len


  • alim labixa

    that was the deal aquino and napoles sealed before her dramatic surrender. deal was that she goes to jail for them and gets out on a bail in april of 2016. april fools or not, she was released and you take it as a joke, seriously?

  • Roland Maguigad

    Hahahaha dame n naman tanga maniniwala dto at magpupuyos sa galit.. Sisigaw ng duterte pagbabago.. Mga uto uto!

  • w0w p4ng1t

    Si bong revilla.. si jinggoy.. si enrile .. na priso na dahil sa scam ng napoles na yan pero cya mismo pinalabas dahil mahina ang ebedencya. Pano na priso yung tatlo kng wala palang ebedencya laban sa mastermind.. wtf

  • Eva Bleza

    Entertainment — BREAKING NEWS
    The movie “Pork Barrel Queen”, a lavish production of the Yellowtards Ruling Thieves Coalition, starring Janet Lim Napoles, Abnoy Aquino & Butch Abad, in leading roles, co-starring Leyla de Lima, the versatile robber judge, has once again hit box office 1 category, raking billions of Pesos on first day of showing on first-run Mickey Mouse Theaters nation-wide. Extra bonuses by the millions were given to leading characters for excellence in acting, and to entire production crews for unprecedented success of the movie that also qualified all leading participants to receive the distinguished “Home-Free” Award.

  • Rosario Lejarzo

    That is a very sad news for the Filipino people especially the poor . They are the one who always suffer from all this ..just prove there is really big problem in the country where a person who steal foods to provide to their children and medicine for a sick family member will go to jail indefinitely but those who steal from government funds intended for the farmers or community needs .school,roads ,hospital will let go and be free …

  • Stu Chilman

    amazing,,, this is incredible, and you think DUTERTE can fix this mess, NOT A chance

  • Rollie

    Leviticus 11 says….”Thou shalt not eat pork, for its carcasses are full of germs.” Yet, you people are stubborn in consuming it. No wonder you got it wrong, and that attitude will be there forever. The case of the “Pork barrel foolishness.”

  • Rick Pila

    This is unbelievable why Pinoy released to prison a high personality crime like suspected mastermind of the controversial pork barrel scam from prison. Is Pioy Involved here and is he doing it because he is scared Napoles will include him as part of the game? Pinoy’s crime is continually growing.

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