Duterte to make fertilizer out of executed drug pushers’ bodies


Manila, Philippines – Tough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte commented in an interview yesterday regarding plans on what to do with the bodies of drug lords and drug pushers who have been executed for their crimes: he will sell them to fertilizer companies, grind the bodies to be mixed with compost to serve as fertilizer on government grounds and parks.

Duterte said that these criminals deserve to meet that fate even in death, as notice to others who are involved in the drug trade.  This is a message to everyone that he is serious in stamping out crime — especially the drug problem that has been plaguing the country for many decades.

He also said that his people have contacted several fertilizer companies and are “excited” to offer their services for “the betterment” of the country.

“We’ve contacted, I think four or five companies and proposed the idea, sabi nila, gusto nila tumulong at excited sila sa idea,” said Duterte.

“Sama-sama na sila sa tae at mga bulok na bagay, p***ng ina nila,” he adds.

We have contacted several fertilizer companies operating in the Philippines.  Several have declined to comment, however, a representative from Crown Elifax, based in Pasay confirmed that they have already purchased several chipping machines from the United States to serve as grinding machines for the cadavers.

The representative, who only agreed to comment if his name was withheld, said that the machines are used to grind trees into chips to be used as ground cover.  To explain this, he suggested that we find a video clip from the 1996 Hollywood movie, “Fargo”.

We did some research and this is what we found below.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    dapat katayin na mga yan sana yan na lang death penalty ng pinas!